Following initial conversations or meeting, Praxis Design/Build will provide a proposal for services outlining the scope of work as understood and establish fees for the services outlined. Once approved the proposal form will serve as the contractual agreement. Typically, the proposal will be broken into 3 phases:

Phase 1 - Schematic Design. This phase is to define the scope of the design work. What will be the size of the building? New or renovation? This will also establish a general idea of style and quality and begin discussions about the project budget. For existing spaces, or commercial tenant-finish-out spaces, this phase will also cover “test-fits” to see if the project is tenable in the suggested location. Phase 1 is usually billed at an hourly rate for direct labor hours commensurate with the type and complexity of the project and a range of hours estimated to complete the phase will be provided.

Phase 2 - Design Development / Construction Documents - This phase takes the defined scope determined at the end of Phase 1 and selects systems, materials, and finishes, and develops construction details in conjunction with other engineering consultants when necessary. The outcome of Phase 2 is a well-coordinated set of construction documents with which to communicate to subcontractors for soliciting the best value for the project that will meet the design intent. Phase 2 may be billed either hourly or at a fixed cost depending on the type and complexity of the project.

Phase 3 - Construction Administration - This phase takes the completed Construction Documents which communicate the design intent and solicits pricing and contractual agreement from trade contractors and suppliers. Praxis Design/Build can provide administration services during this phase in conjunction with a separate contractor, or manage subcontractors as the owner's agent for projects of smaller scope. This phase is billed as hourly, as a fixed fee or a percentage of the construction subcontract costs.