Some projects in the state of Texas do not require a licensed architect.

To become licensed, architects are required to complete a nationally accredited degree program (usually 5-6 total years). Upon completion, they are required to complete 3 years of internship under the direction of a licensed architect. Additionally, they are required to complete and successfully pass a rigorous licensing examination. To maintain licensure, architects must annually complete a number of continuing education hours in accordance with state and national guidelines. These hours include education on items pertaining to health, safety and welfare of the public, sustainable and energy efficient design, and barrier-free/handicap-accessible design.

By contrast, there are no requirements to be a building designer or home builder. So, while the state may allow that a certain project forego the use of an architect, remember, someone has to be responsible for the design of the project. Consider also that the financial investment in design services is typically a very small portion of the overall project cost. 

Would your project be better off in the hands of a trained, licensed professional? Or will you settle for less?